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The 9-19-2019 Event Wouldn't Have Been The Same Without You!


A 2018 article in the Democrat and Chronicle said:

  • Our overall poverty rate rose from 31.6% to 33.1%
  • The percentage of children living in poverty rose from 46.9% to 51.9%.
  • The percentage of people living in extreme poverty, or half the poverty line, rose from 15.6% to 16.1%

Such entrenched poverty requires everyone to pitch in to make progress. After more than a decade of dedicated fund-raising through our annual golf tournament, CEO Bob Bartolotta had the vision of growing our impact further and Novem Foundation was born.

Our first event happens on 9-19-2019, the tenth anniversary of our first annual charity golf tournament, and promises to be a spectacular evening, with all profits going to help kids move out of poverty and in to the bright futures they deserve.

9-19-19: The Inaugural Event

Novem Group has raised more than $100,000 for children's charities in the last decade, monies distributed to a number of worthy causes and campaigns.  (See our Community page for more info.) This year's inaugural event is a night of food, drink, music and celebration, with all proceeds to help break the cycle of generational poverty here in our area.