Service & Solutions

Client Service

Novem Group provides innovative payroll services and human resource software solutions to businesses across the nation. As a leading independent provider of online payroll and HR solutions, Novem Group delivers best-in-class services and custom solutions with the utmost attention to service, accuracy and accountability.

Our business is based on the belief that each client and prospect is of utmost importance; each person, action and contact matters. Transparency between Novem Group and our customers, vendors and strategic partners is a critical component to effective communications and consistent execution of our mission and values. Novem Group’s Definition of Service — from initial contact with a prospect, to product and process quality, to anticipating client needs and preferences, to adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market - is geared towards the ultimate goal of 100% client satisfaction.

Products & Solutions

  • Payroll
  • Tax Management
  • HR Consulting
  • Applicant Management
  • Time & Labor Management
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Workers Compensation
  • State Unemployment
  • Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS)
  • Background and Employment Screening

Web Based Services

Payroll Services

Novem Group's Software-as-a-Service (Saas) technology has revolutionized the payroll industry by perfecting the online deployment of cutting-edge payroll functionality with a suite of services that includes Time and Attendance, HR Information Management, Background Checks and Benefit Administration.

Time and Attendance

Novem Group's time tracking technology provides you a real-time solution for efficiently managing employee time. It’s integration with payroll simplifies the input of hours saving you time and improving the accuracy of the information. With reports, custom rules and a variety of security features, you can take control of your labor costs.

HR Information Management

Novem Group's cutting-edge technology provides HR professionals with an online solution for tracking and reporting on employee data, running background checks, conducting benefit administration, complying with COBRA and more. Integrated with payroll and time and attendance, it’s a turn-key solution that eliminates duplicate data entry and the maintenance of multiple software programs.

Background Checks

Novem Group's technology allows you to integrate instantaneous background checks with your payroll and HR processes for applicants and employees. These screenings are the best way to ensure who you hire is qualified and does not represent a risk of harm to your business, employees or customers.

Benefit Administration

Novem Group's online and integrated system provides employers and their employees a simplified solution for managing new hire and open enrollment benefit administration. Plus our reports can help you compile census information for your insurance company and ensure accurate payments are made to providers.

Applicant Tracking

Novem Group's cutting edge technology provides HR professionals one application to more efficiently manage the recruitment process. Nationpay’s Applicant Tracking helps you move applicants through your hiring process quickly and eliminates time wasted on unqualified candidates.

Document Management

Novem Group's cutting edge technology provides employers an easy-to-use web-based solution for maintaining employee files. Nationpay’s Document Management takes place of the traditional paper filing system and allows you to distribute and securely store documents in a more efficient way.

On-Boarding/ Off-Boarding

Novem Group's cutting edge Payroll and HR technology provides businesses one application to more efficiently manage the employment process. Our On-Boarding/Off-Boarding functionality allows you to streamline your hiring processes and better manage your employee/employer Communication.